Daily Diving

São Tomé is truly one of the last forgotten paradises that we can found in the planet. Under the sea the surprises are far from ending, as there are countless sites still to be explored. Coral reef is very rich and in excellent health, and there is a surprising number of unique endemic species of all sort of animals and plants.

We have two diving bases, inside the Pestana hotels premises: we have a diving base in the Pestana São Tomé hotel, a 5 star unit located in the best area of the capital, São Tomé city.
We have a second basxe located in the south, the islet of Rolas, without any doubt the best place in the whole country for the practice of scuba diving.

We dive every day from both bases where we have two autonomous teams. In the north, we usually go out in the morning for a two tank dive and if the conditions are ok we can go out in the after noon as well. In the south, we are more flexible, as the majority of the diving sites are very close-by. It really depends on the sea conditions and on how are clients want to organize their diving. We can also organize night dives as well.

In any circumstances, we have always at least one dive-guide that leads the group and we always adapt the difficulty of the dive to the level of our group, although, obviously, we take into account everybody expectations, security of the divers is our top priority. Because of insurance constrains we are limited to a maximum depth of 30 meters which is more than enough, as virtually all the nice things to see can be found below those depths.